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Challenges are part of our journey..

Outdoor Armoured Fiber Optic Cable

Outdoor Armoured Fiber Optic Cable

GYXTW is an outdoor use optical fiber suitable for duct and also aerial applications. We supply GYXTW from 2 fiber cores to 24 fiber cores. Both single mode and multimode type are available. Fiber cable is appropriately suitable for both gigabet ethernet and 10 gigabet ethernet campus and backbone applications. The loose tube cable is gel filled and also covered in aramid strength members. Complies with the latest industrial standards IEC-60793-1/60794-1-2, Telecordia GR-20 core.

UTP/STP Cable Striper Dia 5-6.2mm with Punchdown Tool

Non-impact Punch Down Tool is a 2-in-1 tool,safe,lightweight and handy, easy to carry. Blades are interchangeable/Twistable and reversible. Used on Krone and 110/88 type (w/cut).

Universal Stripping Tool is adjustable for the different insulation thickness in order to prevent the damage of shielding and conductors. Equipped with Co-axial Cable Stripper, Round Cable Stripper, Cutter and Flat Cable Stripper.

Application: UTP/ STP, Coaxial Cable RG59/6/7/11, 4p/6p/8p Flexible Flat and Twisted Cable.

High density fiber optic patch cords

High density patch cords feature high density, small form factor LC connectors mated to 2.0mm round duplex cable. They are used to connect the switches or the network devices in the fiber networks directly or interconnect structured cabling systems in a fiber network. Polarity amendments can be made in the field quickly, without the use of the tools, to the correct the respective fiber mapping polarity.

High Density 1U Fiber Optic Patch Panels(Rack Mountable)

19" rack mount sliding and fixing option 96 port fiber optic panels in 1U are available in the pre-loaded configurations of LC in both single mode and the multimode to economically connect, protect and also manage high density fiber counts at the data center and also the floor distributors. The fiber panels feature are adjustable mounting brackets, cable management, cage nuts, numbered ports, splice management, fiber service loop, label holder and the cable tie.

Cable Tracer & Locator(Tonner)

Cable Tracer & Locator is for the circuit identification. It is a network inspection device that comprise of the wiring tracing, cable order verifying and wiring faults inspection as function. The cable tracing function helps users to isolate the cables that they want from a bundle. There are two  of the tracing modes first mode is the default mode when turn the respective device on.

Impact & Punch Down Tool(Use on 110/Krone Type)

Impact Punch Down Tool inserts and cuts terminations in one simple and effective operation. Precision blades are herein interchangeable and also reversible especially between 110 and of the Krone standards. Easy to handle the comfort grip. Compatible with the Cat5E Cable, Cat5 Cable, Cat6 cable and Cat6a cables.

LAN Tester

Multi Functional Network Cable Tester permits you to test wiring continuity for Cat 5, Cat6, Phone and coax cable assemblies. Identifies mis-wires, short circuits and also open circuits. Features two piece transmitter and the receiver, two BNC-F coax converters and coax terminator.

Category 6 High Density Snap-In 1U Jack Panel

Category 6 HIgh Density Snap-In 1U Jack Panel offers fast and reliable installation of the un-shielded cables, rear cable management bar which is supplied which acts as stress reliever of the terminated cables. Each port of the panel is numbered and as a designated label id area for the clear port identification. Patch panel comes with mini cable ties, cage nuts and rare cable management has standard.

Inline Coupler(UTP Cable to UTP Cable) - Cat6 Compliance

Inline Coupler(UTP Cable to UTP Cable) - Cat6 compliance- Inline Coupler Keystone Jacks connects two RJ45 terminated cables, which while maintaining the signal strength. These are useful for extending the length of your CAT6 cable a few extra feet for a quick and easy installation. CAT 6 Inline couplers are available in both shielded and unshielded varieties. CAT6 Inline Couplers comprises of the keystone latch, making quite easy to install. 

Power Source(850/1310/1550nm)

Power Source(850/1310/1550nm)
Optical Light Source provides 1 to 4 output wavelenghts to meet the specific requirements, including the 650nm red source and the 1310/ 1550nm wavelengths for the single mode fiber or the 850/1300nm wavelengths for multimode fiber, as well as other wavelengths in accordance to customer needs.

We are constantly engaged in research and providing the best product for an exceptional performance.Visit our website for more information.

Category 6A S/F & F/F Twisted Pair Patch Cords from Comcore connexions

S/FTP Patch Cords executes the optimal transmissions and performance in networking with debased loss at insertion and Alien Cross Talk. They are greater performance components, which are available in broad range of the lengths and it is designed to meet or exceed all the respective Cat6A specifications. 26 AWG type of conductors are herein securely mated with shielded RJ45 plug design to deliver for the exceptional performance. 

Ujjni Pegasus, #1557, 2nd floor, B Wing, 8th Cross, Chandra Layout, Bengaluru-560 040, Karnataka Ph: 080 4851 4828

Our association with Data Centers

Data center has been the significant resource within any of the organization. Many organizations when unable to make to ingress from the servers, reserving systems and also different networking devices does makes to interruption in work or even closure of the whole business. Timely action as like considering to implement the cables and components from the eminent dealers saves the time, business and money. 
We being located in Bangalore are having the best manufacturing facility. With the finest products purchased from us, many data centers are re-establishing their business in the confident manner. Many companies in Bangalore and also various other locations in India are immensely benefitted. Our customers can have a look at our website and gain the best information for the clear purchase of the products. 
If you are in need of knowing our products, please drop the message at the contact page at our website. We will surely inform you about the products and easy or…

Copper Cables from Comcore connexions

Dear All,

We have maintained the quality standards with rigorous research and testing methodologies. Category 6A S/FTP Cable comes with polyoefin structure and it is complying to the IEEE standards. It is considered perfect for the horizontal and backbone installations. It has following interesting features

1) Solid bare copper cable
2) PVC
3) It is extensively supplied in the measure of 305m of bobbin
4) Printed feet marks

We are listed in Indiamart, hence you can place your order in an effortless manner. For any enquiries, you can contact us in the contact page.

With Best Regards
Team-Comcore Connexions
Hello People,

Welcome to Comcore Connexions blog page. Herein we are providing the quick and brief introduction about our company. We are headquartered in Bangalore  with an manufacturing facility. Complete range of genuine products are offered to the customers which it meets the quality standards. We are certified by the quality organisation and complied by the standards of EIA/TIA type. New age structuring cabling system with greater performance of copper and fibre cable connectivity solutions are provided herein. Many data centers of the company are benefitted with our solutions offered.

Make time to visit our webpage 

and know our full range of products. Thank you for your kind attention.